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Kate has the experience and courage necessary to meet the challenges facing Mercer Island today. Vote Kate Akyuz for Mercer Island City Council.

Kate and her family put together a puzzle.

About Kate

Kate is a trusted senior scientist and project manager for the King County Water and Land Resources Division. She understands how government works, is a skilled collaborator, and develops innovative, data-driven solutions to complex problems. A fifth generation Washingtonian, Kate understands the critical need to balance our economic needs with environmental preservation and restoration.

Kate is also a Girl Scout leader and a strong advocate for children and the environment. She donates locally to Mercer Island Youth and Family Services and the PTA and is an active volunteer in our public schools.

Kate will bring community values, common sense, and consensus building back to City Council.

In the News

Photo of ballot drop box printed in MI Reporter
Mercer Island Reporter

King County Elections releases early primary results


Mercer Island, WA– Ten Mercer Island candidates — ranging from veterans to newcomers — are involved in three races in the Aug. 3 primary in the city council and school district board realms.

King County Elections released the first round of early results at 8:15 p.m. that night and here’s where the races stood at press time.

In the City Council Position No. 6 race, Kate Akyuz has 2,950 votes, 47.01%; Lisa Anderl has 2,510 votes, 40.00%; and Adam Ragheb has 803 votes, 12.80%.


Protect our Parks

Mercer Island’s beloved parks need improvements and care to preserve their beauty and maintain resiliency for all to enjoy. 
Island Crest Elementary School

Secure MIYFS Funding

We must guarantee stable funding for Mercer Island Youth and Family Services (MIYFS) because they offer vital services to assist our residents. Providing mental health counselors in schools, emergency grants to struggling families, and case management for seniors is important to our community.

Kate talks to her senior neighbor about housing.

Sustain Middle-Income Housing

We need to maintain our vibrant community character. We must work to make sure that our seniors and young professionals alike are not priced out of their homes.

“Kate is a loyal, determined scientist and mother. Her career-long commitment to the environment and focus on mental health issues shows her priorities are in the right place — taking care of our community. That’s why I am on #TeamKate.”

Ms. Wendy Weiker,
Deputy Mayor of Mercer Island

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